Red Spinel
[[File:Spinel ayy|250px]]

Spins (By Sunstone)
Red (By Beryllonite)



Gem Weapon



Oversized Red Bow





Dance Style



Red Spinel

Gem Location

Left Eye

They think we're disposable. They think we're replaceable. Spinels are so much more than that though! G-god.. those Diamonds have no idea what they're talking about!

—"Red Spinel"

Red Spinel is a Gem belonging to the Solar Gems, a trio syndicate ordered by Yellow Diamond to research the Sun, only to crash onto Earth unexpectedly, and are now looking for parts to rebuild their spaceship.


Spinel ayyyyyuu

Spinel's most obvious trait is the red bow laying on the side of her head. It rests on her long, curvacious red hair. She is pretty small, and her eye is red. The other eye being hidden by her gemstone which acts as a gem eye.


Spinel is considered rambunctious by her peers, and it can be true. She is very hyper and active, usually running around happily, exhibiting high amounts of happiness and positivity. She can be quite annoying, and is usually needed to be calmed down by Beryll when he's by her side.

Powers & Abilities

  • Efficient Combat Style: With her primary weapon being unknown, Spinel never using it, Spinel is trained in Martial Arts, using combos of Kicks and Punches to fight off her opponents.
  • Crystal Eye: Spinel's gem eye gives her x-ray vision. She may see through objects when needed, but it drains a lot of her energy and she needs total concentration to use it, pressuring situations restrain her of this power.
  • Hair Whip: Spinel's hair, when whipped in a direction, can be deadly, slicing through most objects.
  • Abnormally Sharp Claws: Spinel posesses sharp claws that can be used to scratch her opponents violently, and were made to help her dig efficiently.

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