Red diamond
  • Red Diamond


Red Diamond, Red diamond was created by white diamond in order to cope with the crippling loss of Pink Diamond. Red Diamond is very young so does not know how to rule A planet yet. Red Diamond is very skilled in combat and was able to beat Garnet and [(Indominus Rex 2016)|Obsidian] at the same time. The only reason Red Diamond was able to find out the whereabouts of the Crystal Gems was because her loyal friend [(Indominus Rex 2016)|Emerald]. After beating the crystal gems Steven tries to befriend Red Diamond with " Big Donuts " Donuts and Pizza, Red Diamond LOVES the pizza and donuts but as A diamond cannot befriend Steven because of Rose Quarts shattering Pink Diamond. Red Diamond spares the crystal gems but swears to come back for unfinished business


Red Diamond acts very strict and cold blooded around Diamonds but on her free time is A very chill pizza loving Diamond !

Red diamond has A red diamond on her helmet and throat And carries around A red and grey spear has A suit similar to A ruby's style appears short because she is A new diamond

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