Raptor is the only Dinosaurian gem hybrid created by Peridot in the great war. The main reason why Raptor was created was to Homeworld win the gem war.


He looks like a comon Utahraptor but he is far more intelligent from the others being able to talk, and become other pre historic animals.


He was sent out by Yellow Diamont by being "Defective" he was found by Rose months later as a baby, trying to find it's true potential. Years later with the death of Rose Quartz, Raptor ran way from the Crystal Gems only to meet Godzilla 2004, wich realized they had the same DNA (sort of). Godzilla helped Raptor find his true potential, but coud only become Godzilla 2014 (or minilla). 9 years later he meet a nice lady called Ruby Rose (an RWBY character)that asked it he woud like to join her team, Raptor said that he woud team up with Team RWBY he woud be more of an ally than a team mate. One year late Raptor proved his true potential with the M.U.T.O. battle.


Raptor tries to keep his cool but some times he loses control easily.


  • Speed

Raptor is as fast as an Utahraptor

  • Blue Spiral Beam

Like every Godzilla can do Raptor can shoot a blue beam out of his mouth in the Godzilla form

  • Dragon/Broodmother/Megapithecus/DodoRex/Manticore

Yes Raptor can become all dosse bosses from ARK.

  • Indominus Rex

Yet again, yes Raptor can become an Indominus.

  • Bad Time Raptor

About Raptor losing control he becomes Bad Time Raptor

  • Wyvern

And Raptor can aweso become the Wyvern of ARK

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