We are stronger together~ Purple Quartz


Purple Quartz is a fusion of Amethyst and Uranium. She is purple with dark purple spots everywhere. She wears a darkest purple jumpsuit with a star and black dimond in the center of it. She also have a black scar on her top right arm. She wears a visor and the same boots as Peridot.


  • Peridot: She likes a big sister to her while fused. She still tease her a bit for being short.
  • Lapis: They get along great as friends.
  • other gems: She enjoys being around Garnet, Pearl, Steven and Jasper very well.


  • Her gem weapon is a wrapped nuke.
  • Even trough Uranium and Amethyst both have the same gem placement, they manage to fuse perfectly without fail.
    • That's because they get along like sisters. So they fused in order to find one of Uranium's old friends.
  • Her personality is revealed to be rekless, strong and guick.

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