HPFE escape

Prologue is the first episode in Homeworld past furture Earth







Violet Sapphire


Fluorite tries to escape Homeworld with his girlfriend but thing get troublesome.


Alarms were sounding and every gem was yelling at everything.

[Carnelian] "There they are get them don't let them escape."

[Jasper] "I'm goanna catch them for my diamond."

Jasper ran after them along with a Ruby and a Violet Sapphire.

Fluorite and Crystal ran for the ships to get off of Homeworld.

[Crystal] "Fluorite I hear them coming I don't think we can make it."

[Fluorite] "We'll make it you just have to keep running."

Alarms kept sounding off as Fluorite and Crystal still ran for the ships. Then Fluorite stopped and said to Crystal.

[Fluorite] " Crystal you get to the ships I'll hold them off."

[Crystal] " WHAT! Fluorite no we can make it together."

[Fluorite] "Crystal if you don't go now it will be to late just go be free form Homeworld live your own life I'll stop them."

[Crystal] "I love you."

[Fluorite] "I know."

Crystal ran and Fluorite was ready to fight

[Fluorite] "Bring it on"

(Fades to black)


  • This story takes place before Pink Diamond was shattered
  • The Ruby who ran with Jasper and Violet Sapphire was crystal gem Ruby

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