Poudretteite is one of characters of The-Not-So-Amazing Duo. She is mother of Evlori and is Alriah's wife. She was respected on Homeworld a lot, and was assistant of Pink Diamond. She left Homeworld before Pink Diamond's shattering, and thus, having no idea about her diamond's fate, was traveling all over the Universe, until she met Alriah.


Poudretteite has light-pink skin with light-yellow freckles, pink hair, thin build and beige eyes. Her gemstone is located on her chest. She also has defined lips and thin dark-pink eyebrows. She wears a kimono with a pink diamond pattern on it.


Poudretteite was described as "loving, caring, but too simple-minded". She didn't understand art at all, and prefered going on adventures with her partner - Alriah. She also was described as a honest person.


  • Poudretteite's valuableness is associated with real life poudretteites being very rare.
    • What also makes her rank very high on Homeworld is that most of real life poudretteites are not facetable, due to their fragility, while Poudretteite's gem is faceted.

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