one of Uranium's many fusions

Plutonium is a fusion of Jasper and Uranium. She first appeared in Jaspers to the recuse.


Plutonium is yellow with orange spots all over her skin expect for part of her top right shoulder. She wears a darkest orange jumpsuit with a black collar and a radioactive symbol with a yellow diamond in the center. She got a light orange scar on her right top shoulder. She also have 2 orange eyes and 2 red eyes. She wears a visor and the same boots as Peridot.


  • Peridot: She kind of teased her a bit for being small. She stops teasing her after saving her from a falling rock, which makes her to poof back into Uranium and Jasper.
  • Lapis: She still enjoys being friends with her.
  • Pearl: She fights along side her in the ending of Jaspers to the recuse.
  • Garnet: She gets a bit shy after staying fused for almost too long. She ends up defusing back into Jasper and Uranium after getting way too shy to tell about her past.
  • Amyest: She still acted like a big sister to her by destroying the cluster.
  • Steven: She enjoys helping him and the CG by saving them from the cluster.


Plutonium is a radioactive metal like Bismuth and Uranium.

  • It's number 94 on the Periodic table.

Plutonium is made when Uranium atoms are divided from each other.

  • That explained that she got yellow spots after defusing.

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