Solar gems syndicateee-0 This is an Episode belonging to the Solar Gems Syndicate Fanmade Series. If you enjoyed, please consider reading the rest of the series!
Message Received 00111

" Red Spinel Facet-3G2K Cut-2XG, chosen for your compassion, empathy, and overall emotional capacity"

" Beryllonite Facet-1E2L Cut-4XG, chosen for your intelligence, wisdom, and overall mental capacity. "

" Sunstone Facet-2L3M Cut-2ZG, chosen for your strength, agility, and overall psychical capacity. "

" You three shall be heading towards the... Sun.. yes. The sun. That star possesses immense power, it would be very helpful and heroic to your Homeworld to complete such a task. " Yellow Diamond grinned wickedly.

Spinel cheered excitedly, " We get to leave Homeworld? I've never done that befooore! ". She was interrupted by Sunstone, " It's not that enjoyable, trust me. ". Beryll smiled proudly, " I shall be leading the Operation, correct my Diamond? ". YD rolled her eyes and nodded, " Sure sure, whatever. Our world is counting on it, have it done ASAP. ".

Solar Gems Original

And so, with that day, the 3 Solar Gems were united as one Syndicate, and set off on their spaceship. It was going to be a long trip, Yellow Diamond promised the fuel supply would last the entire trip and back. Spinel was excited to travel the Solar System, yet scared of her teammates. They seemed to argue a lot. Sunstone was paranoid of travelling due to flashbacks of the Great War. Beryllonite showed little interest in the mission itself, and was more concentrated on impressing Yellow Diamond. Of course the three were confused on why the great Yellow Diamond chose them, the three were not usually considered the strongest or smartest of other gems, but still were honored with the responsibility.

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Though, the ship was running low on Fuel, Beryll was shocked, " No no no! Spinel, what'd you do?! " She shrieked back at Beryll, " It wasnt me! I dont know whats going on! " Sunstone prayed for their survival, while Beryll tried looking for an escape pod, finding the only one. Though not fitting inside. He had to remove his limb enhancers. He did so swiftly while Spinel panicked, and the escape pod shot to Earth, he had successfully escaped. Sunstone and Spinel were still trapped, the ship eventually crashing and causing them to retreat into their gems.

Solar Gems Newest

Later on, Beryll found their gems, recovered them, and they reformed, with their new psychical forms. Beryll had also lost his limb enhancers in the crash and Sunstone took role of leader. Now stranded on Earth, looking to rebuild their ship.


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