Pilot is the 1st episode of Steven Universe & The New Crystal Gems


Theme Song

Pearl: Don't worry, we'll come back.

Amethyst: We promise.

Garnet: And we'll have others watching over you.

Steven: Ok.

Amethyst: You'll love them.

Pearl: Be good. "walks away"

Amethyst: See ya later. "walks away"

Garnet: Let's go gems.

"Garnet, Amy & Pearl warp"

Steven: "sighs"

"Steven feels an earthquake & runs outside to see what it was"

Steven: It's someone from home world.

"ship door opens"

Steven: I can't get Lapis or Peridot, so I'll have to do this on my own.

"gem steps out"

Gem: Back on earth.

Steven: Who are you?

Gem: Hi my name's Spike, sorry 'bout the crash landing.

Gem #2: It was my first time driving a ship.

Spike: Don't beat yourself up, "turns to Steven" & this is Crystal.

Crystal: Hi, what's your name?

Steven: Steven, Steven Universe.

Spike: No way, Rose's son.

Steven: You know Rose.

Crystal: Duh, we we're created on home world when they find out about Rose Quartz having a human child.

Spike: So we were created & sent to earth to destroy her, but we found out who lovely of a gem she was.

Steven: Really?

Spike: Yeah, so you don't have to worry about us.

Crystal: Plus Garnet, Amy & Pearl sent us.

Steven: You know the gems?

Spike: Yeah, we're also Crystal Gems.

Steven: But you don't have stars.

Spike: Well, when we returned to home world-

Crystal: They poofed us & forced us to work for them again.

Steven: That's awful.

Spike: But now we're here & we're glad to be back.

Crystal: Definitely.

Steven: Wow, this is amazing!

Spike: Man, it's been so long, I wonder what we've missed.

Crystal: Who knows?

Steven: I'm pretty sure a lot.

Spike: Yeah.

Steven: Let me show you what you've missed.

Crystal: Cool.

"Cut to Scenes of Steven having fun w/ Crystal & Spike"

Spike: Hey, since we're no longer on homeworld, we can return to our original forms.

Crystal: Right. "summons weapon"

Steven: What are you gonna do w/ that fail?

Crystal: Don't worry.

Spike: "summons weapon" Ready.

Steven: A spear!

"Crystal & Spike poof each other"

Steven: Ah! Why did they do that?

Spike: "regens" Whoa! That's been a long time since I've done that.

Steven: "sighs in relief" You're back.

Spike: It was only for a little while.

Crystal: "regens" That felt good, & we look like actual humans now.

Spike: Yeah.

Steven: Please never to that again.

Crystal: Will try not to.

"screen closes on Steven w/ a worried face, then closes"



  • Steven Universe
  • Pearl(beginning)
  • Garnet(beginning)
  • Amethyst(beginning)
  • Spike
  • Crystal
  • Lapis(mentioned)
  • Peridot(mentioned)

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