White Peridot
Identification Code

Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG






Modern Gem Tech


Limb Enhancers


FeminineIcon Feminine


Pale yellow-green



Gem Type




Gem Location


Professional Status
  • Gem Homeworld
  • First Homeworlder Divison
  • White Diamond's Court
  • Technician
  • Certified Kindergartener

White Diamond



Personal Status





Shelby Rabara

Peridot is a canon gem, roleplayed by Japkot in the Chat Roleplay AU She is relaced from her canon role to be the Personal Technician of General Onyx


Peridot has lime-green skin, and pale yellow-green hair styled into a tetrahedron shape. Her true eye color is unknown at this time, but can be presumed to be some shade of green or blue, due to being tinted by the yellow color of her visor. Her mouth and tongue are blue, and she has a pointed upper lip. Her gemstone is located on her forehead and is shaped like an inverted triangle with flattened corners.

She wears a sleeveless green V-neck uniform. Her suit is mostly medium green, with a dark-green diamond outline around the cut-out of her neck area, meeting to form the White Diamond insignia at her solar plexus, with a dark-green portion between her chest and leggings. Her leggings feature White diamond-shaped knee pads. She is never seen without her visor, which covers the top half of her face and tints her eyes yellow-green. She has a slightly curvy figure, with wide hips, a small waist, and a large chest.

Peridot wears limb enhancers, These artificial extensions are bright green and flare out toward the wrists and ankles, which are colored a very dark green. The arm enhancers also feature artificial fingers which are not directly attached but instead levitate around where the palms would be. The leg enhancers serve to enhance her height; without them, she is only about as tall as Ruby and Sapphire and slightly taller than Steven.


Peridot's personality is much liker her Canon counterpart, though she had a more different life then Canon, her tenure as Onyx' personal technician boosted her confidence and made her forget how she was an Era 2 Peridot...

She is very indigitave of insults, often firing one back and not backing off in the slightest.

She is very loyal, sticking by General Onyx who has branded as a sister of the First Homeworlder Division.

She is shown to be very apathic, as a result of her affliation with White Diamond's court, neutral with everything.


Peridot/Lapis go to the kindergarden.

Peridot and Lapis gets attacked by Hawkeye before Seren comes in and saves them, letting them get to the ship.

They get to Homeworld after the ship takes off and Peridot calls the diamonds to inform them on the successful mission, leading to the diamonds puts guards and escorts near the brigs, after Bigg and Ocean Jasper anxiously shapeshifts their insignas to diamonds the Ship lands and the group departs, with Onyx, Peridot and Lapis leaving their seperate ways. 


General Onyx

Peridot is Onyx' personal technican, Peridot is loyal to Onyx and Onyx sees Peridot as a sister, seeing as they are both gems blonging to White Diamond and she is in her army.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis and Peridot have a passive-agressive relationship, trading insults on their way to Earth, but when Hawk's Eye went to attack them, Lapis was hasty to protect Peridot.

With Lapis' draftion to White Diamond's court and her conscription to General Onyx' divison, they will surely interact again,


Peridot steered clear of Jasper on their way to Earth, and insulted him severely when she didn't obey her (the mission leader's) instructions, threatening to report her to Onyx and White Diamond if she didn't comply with her orders.

White Aquamarine

Aqua was very skeptical of their mission, complaining to Peridot about it, who said it was not her choice but the Diamonds, that was the extent of their relationship as they returned to Homeworld.


Natural Abilities

  • Photokinesis: "It Could've Been Great" Peridot is shown using her gemstone to project a green light, like a flashlight. It is the first natural Gem ability she has been shown to use. She shares this ability with Garnet and Pearl.

Unique Abilities

  • Ferrokinesis: In "Too Short to Ride", Peridot is able to levitate and control metallic objects. The extent of Peridot's powers, whether she manipulates magnetism or just the metal, is still unknown. It is possible this ability is what made her so proficient with her limb enhancement's fingers, particularly the 'finger copter' ability.

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