Our Gift
Season 1, Episode 9
Vital statistics
Air date August 2nd, 2016
Written by Olivia
Directed by XxRose'sLionxX
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Let's See Her Our Purpose

"Our Gift" is the 9th episode of the first season in Love and Separation, and the 9th overall episode of the series.


Rose Opal tries to tell something to Smoky Citrine, but....she is interrupted.


“Stay!” White Benitoite said, laughing. Marykate nodded, smiling.

“We have a gift for you!” Smoky Citrine and White Benitoite said to Marykate at the same time.

“Hmm...what is it?”

Smoky Citrine looked at White Benitoite, and nodded. She grabbed the pale blue gem’s hand, as she did the salsa. White Benitoite spinned, still holding Smoky Citrine’s hand, as she was dipped. Their gems glowed, as they fused together. Butterflies appeared, as a giant turquoise-brown skinned gem spinned, and the butterflies disappeared. “Hi, fancies~!”

Marykate clapped, as Rose Opal looked shocked.

“Who...even are you?” Rose Opal pondered and asked.

“My name doesn’t matter, silly~! But have you ever heard of me…?! Oh wait, you couldn’t have!” The fusion laughed, entertained. “But if you want to know, I am Roysten Turquoise!”

“The ultimate fusion!” Marykate exclaimed, looking at her partner.

“A salty bitch and a giant angry force fusion makes you!” Roysten Turquoise form wobbled, as she heard that. She looked embarrassed, sweating. She couldn’t stand for her components to be disrespected, but wanted to stay fused. She just wanted to be the gift. A gift.

“Don’t insult them!” Roysten Turquoise put her right hands on her eyes, embarrassed. “You wanted be the gift. Not me…” Roysten Turquoise started to argue with herself, as she would scream. She would then unfuse, Roysten Turquoise herself embarrassed. Smoky Citrine looked at White Benitoite, landing on the ground.

Smoky Citrine would then look at the others, as White Benitoite looked back at her. White Benitoite and Smoky Citrine spoke at unison. “Sorry for that. Roysten Turquoise can be a bit...unstable. She gets really unstable if one thing goes wrong.”

Marykate laughed, looking at Rose Opal, who laughed as well. Rose Opal looked at White Benitoite, who was laughing, and looked at Smoky Citrine, who looked at Marykate. They all then looked at each other, laughing. “I am gonna go. I need to see my sister.” Marykate waved, and walked off.




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