One Short Day in the Empire City is one of the 4 songs in the Legend of Onix finally. The song is preformed by Steven, Greg, Rose, Onix, and the people of empire city as the universe family arrives to Empire City.


Steven: *is looking out the window of the train and can see Empire City getting close*

Chorus: One short day, in the Empire City

Steven: *spoke* Hey dad, were is the singing coming from

Greg: *spoke* you will see soon enough Steven

Chorus: One short day, in the Empire City!

The chorus holds the note as the train arrives at Empire City and the doors open with lots of people of Empire City there for there arrival

Chorus: *preforms a huge dance number as they sing* One short day, in the Empire City, One short day, Full of so much to do! Every way, That you look in the city, There's something exquisite, You'll want to visit, Before the days through!

Steven, Greg, Onix, and Rose get off the train and begin walking through the city with the chorus dancing with them

Steven: *realizes the musical number was planed and excitingly goes with it* There are Buildings tall as mountain tops

Rose: Musicals

Greg: And massive shops

Rose: Sliding doors

Steven: Museums

Rose, Greg, Steven: And so much more, There are wonders that we've never scene

Rose: Its all grand!

Greg: Though not serene!

Rose, Greg, Steven: I think we've finally found the place were we belong! I want to be in this hoi polloi

Steven and Greg': So lets enjoy this magic day

Onix and Rose: *Onix shrugs and joins the song* So lets move on our mary way.

Steven, Greg, Rose, Onix: on to the play with wonder well enjoy!

They enter into a theater on Thickway, take front row seats, and the curtains open revealing more of the people dancing with an amazing stage effects.

Chorus: One short day in the Empire City, One short day, To have a lifetime of fun, one short day

Steven, Greg, Rose, Onix: And were telling the city

Greg and Rose: Now that were in hear

Steven and Onix: you'll know we've been hear

All: Before we are done!

They come out after the show all having a good time, Even Onix actually cracks a slight smile

Steven: *spoke* This is amazing dad!

Greg: *spoke* all for my little shtoo-ball

Steven: *laughs*

Rose: *spoke* Onix, your actually smiling again *smiles to Onix*

Onix: *spoke* Well it wonderful to spend time with you and Steven

Steven: *spoke* And don't forget dad

Onix: *looks away a bit losing the smile and says* yes, even dad

Greg: *a limo drives in front of them and the door opens and Greg says* time to head to the hotel!

They all get into the limo and drive to Le Hotel and the 4 of them enter with many line dancers, sparklers, and lights.

Le Hotel Employees: Welcome to Le Hotel, Enjoy your stay with us come in come enjoy our wonderful food, Enjoy our steak and brie. Come in enjoy our great food and drink. Come enjoy are hors d'oeuvres and entrée

Le Hotel Desk clerk: hears your key enjoy your stay

Le Hotel Employees: woo-oo-oo, isn't it wonderful, a wonderful city!

The Employees lead Steven, Greg, Rose, and Onix to there sweet which is the same one Greg and Steven stayed in the last time they were there.

Le Hotel Staff: One short day in the Empire City, One short day, To have a lifetime of fun, one short day

Steven and Greg: where so many long to

Onix and Rose: to call it home to *to each others* and then just like now we can say

Rose: were just two friend, two good friends, two best friends. *Onix and Greg begin to dance

Le Hotel Staff: Sharing one wonderful one short

Greg: *spoke* I love you rose *kisses her*

Le Hotel Staff: day!

Onix feels heart broken from seeing this and leaves to another room in the sweet


  • The song is based on the song "One Short Day" from the Broadway hit wicked.
  • Its revealed in the episode Greg actually paid for this musical number as a huge surprise for Steven.
  • Thickway is a play on the word Broadway

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