Nephrite is a Homeworld Gem that made her debut in the 1 hour special "The Horsemen of the Apocalypse". She is currently the Horseman of Pestilence in the Gem Apocalypse, and a member of the Brotherhood of Gems.


Nephrite is a bitter, vindictive gem towards Pearl, as in the gem war, she was pulled out of the cockpit of her dropship by Pearl. Towards the Crystal Gems, she is ferocious towards them, especially Trapiche Emerald, and even called her a traitor.

Towards Magnesium, she expresses great compassion and kindness, as she's his romantic partner.

She is shown to be defective sometimes. An example of this was when Nephrite was made for piloting, but then switched to being a warrior as her own choice.


Nephrite has the standard qualities of gems,  bubbling, shape-shifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.


  • When she's fused with Magnesium, they form Gallium
  • When she's fused with Copper, they form Thorium


  • Wing Proficiency: Nephrite, through many years of training, can fly excellently with her main weapons, Metallic Wings. This goes with the tandem of her way of fighting, which is swooping down over others.

  • Death Blade Proficiency: Nephrite, although her main weapons are her wings, her summoned weapons are Death Blades that shoot out from the wings. She is proficient with them, as she can manipulate them in different ways (eg. using them to make a sword, or firing them at enemies like guns)
  • Piloting: As a former pilot of the rebellion, Nephrite is able to pilot dropships and battle ships.
  • Photokinesis: This ability applies to all gems. She is shown to be using this when she was trapped in the Bear's Cave in Romania.
  • Levitation: Nephrite can actually levitate a bit, but she isn't proficient at using it, as she's used to her metal wings.

Unique Abilities

  • Acid Manipulation: Nephrite appears to have immense power over acidic metals and liquids, shown when she flooded the ocean with acid, and when she used acid to destroy a planet.
    • Acid Generation:  In addition to manipulating acid, Nephrite can generate a certain amount of acid from her gem.
    • Ferrokinesis: Nephrite can also control metals, as long as they're acidic. If not, she can't manipulate them.
    • Corrupting Gems: Unlike other gems, Nephrite can corrupt gems. This power's extent is unknown, however, it was able to corrupt a Diamond, which was Red Diamond.

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