Moonstone is a legendary gem and past advisor to The Brothers


Moonstone has a build very similar to a pearl but has a slightly more muscular build then a pearl. Her skin is flawless and white like the moon itself. Her eyes are silver with black pupils that resemble a solar eclipse. Her hair is silver and goes down to her solders. She wears a beautiful 2 part dress, the top half of the dress has two silver triangles each one separated from each other with one pointed down the other up. at the center is a silver moon symbol, the rest of the top part of the dress is in a light grey color. the bottom half starts at the hips and flows down to the feet, the dress has silver detail and the rest is in a light grey color scheme. her gemstone is on her forehead in the shape of a full moon.


Moonstone is known for being quite gentle, righteous, and known for having a level head. No mater what someone can do she never seems to lose her temper and prefers to keep her cool in battle. She also is shown to be extremely humble to others cause despite how beautiful she is she doesn't seem to show it off a lot but rather shows a far more humble side by thinking she isn't as beautiful as people say. While she dose seem quite gentle she is still a deadly fighter and anyone who is targeting by her will be dead by the time the moon sets.

Power and Ability's

  • Lunar beams
  • Healing Ability's
  • Photokinesis (Light Manipulation)
  • Lunar Empowerment
  • Lunakinesis (Moon Manipulation)


Unlike most gems, Moonstone doesn't have just one weapon, she actually has three weapons. The first of the three is a sickle with the blade resembling the crescent moon. The blade itself is razor sharp and can cut through a gems physical form with one slice. The second weapon is a flail with the ball in the shape of a full moon, its an extremely heavy hitter with deadly strikes that can crush stone. The last weapon is a staff with black orb at the top to symbolize the new moon. while each weapon is unlike enough the staffs orb can change shape into different forms.


Moonstones theme is based on victors solo from the Tim Burton film the corpse bride. In the fanon the song is known as the midnight mistress


  • This character is based on Jinx Binx
  • The two part dress is based on lapis lazuli's two part dress.
  • Moonstone used to be an advisor for the brothers.
  • each of her weapons is based on a phase of the moon.

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