Solar gems syndicateee-0 This is an Episode belonging to the Solar Gems Syndicate Fanmade Series. If you enjoyed, please consider reading the rest of the series!
Minty Quartz2

Spinel and Sunstone turn around to see Minty Quartz, a General of the Gem War for Homeworld. She smiled, remembering Sunstone, who also played a huge role against the Crystal Gems. " Is that you, Minty? " Sunstone wiped away one of his tears. MQ nodded happily, " It is.. Sunstone. My gem was never broken, i've been here the past 3000 years. ". Sunstone smiled, Spinel was confused, yet it was great to see two old friends reuniting.

Minty accepted the offer to ride back to Homeworld and help rebuild the ship to get home. Minty was the newest recruit for the Solar Gems Syndicate. Beryll, being the professional he is, didn't like the addition of a new member without any forms filled out or paperwork. He criticized Sunstone heavily for his rash decisions, and the two were not going to get any better quickly.

Beryll pulled out his water gun, " I'd keep your mouth shut if I were to be you.. unless you want your flames extinguished. " Sunstone twitched, " Did you threaten me, runt? ". Beryll smirked, " Surprised you can understand I did. ". After those words, Sunstone kicked Beryll in the face. A bruise shined very obviously on his face. Beryll grinned, " You signed your death contract, buddy. I'm gonna crush you. ". Beryll shot his water gun directly at Sunstone's hair, disabling his elemental powers. Beryll tackled Sun, pounding his face in, there was a bloody mess between the two fighting. Spinel watched very fearfully, and covered her eyes. Pink Peridot charged in, breaking the two apart by headbutting Sunstone back, " Enough! You morons! There are more important matters to attend to! "

Beryll hadn't seen Pink Peridot since she ditched him to fight Garnet, " Why the hell are you here? Have you been here ALL ALONG?! ". He paused, Sunstone was also staring at Peridot. Peridot smirked, " I have very positive news that will repair your ship faster. " She seemed confident, " All I need is your attention and cooperation. "

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