This is the second episode in the Mystical Gems fanon, and the second episode overall!


It was a bright and sunny day, early. The sun was high up, and the birds sang. Milky Opal, was watering her flowers, in the small garden. A fairly tan skinned gem would stumble into this garden, her name being Color Change Rose Quartz and would walk near Milky Opal.

Milky Opal didn't notice her until she walked close, making Milky jump.


"Hehehe, hiya Milky!"

Milky holds her heart, and sighs in relief.

"Hi, Rosie."

"What you doing?"

"Watering my flowers."

"Wh-wait, don't you have a garden?"

Milky points at the garden.


"Ok." The quartz then would then hug the white gem.

Milky blushes, and hugs back.

"How are you, Rosie?"

"Good, Milky." The brown-pink gem would pat her friend on the back.

Milky giggled.

"That's good."

Without either of them noticing, their gems would start glowing. And as well as this, Color would trip, Milky Opal catching her but also falling.

They fell, but a new gem took place of the two.


"What just happened?!"

The gem would have mixed feelings, completely confused as to how this happened.

"R-Rosie, how did this happen?" Said Milky's shakey voice. "I have no idea," Color's side of the fusion would respond back. "Let's just find the others.."

Pink Opal got up, nearly tripping. She started for the temple, when two gems passed her.

"And I was all like, woAHHH." The pink gem exaggerated.

The younger appearing gem would giggle and nod. "Really?"

The pink gem nodded.


"Let's g-" Crystal Quartz would notice the fusion of the pink gems. "Ooh hi!"

Kunzite looks over at Pink Opal.



"Are you a fusionnnnnnnnnnnn?"

Crystal said.

Pink Opal smiles.

"Yes, I am?"

Kunzite makes an :0 face.

"Ooh. Fusing with you Kunzite would be cool!"

Crystal exclaims.


Kunzite asks.

She nods.

Kunz gets ready to dance, while PO claps. Crystal Quartz would grab Kunzite's hand.

Kunzite's hand is grabbed, and Crystal would twirl. Kunzite shuffles and dips Crystal. Crystal would laugh, and accidentaly let go of her hand. She would fall down. "Hehe that was great!" Kunzite giggles, sitting down

"So who exactly are you anyway?"

"I am Pink Opal!"

"Is part of you Milky...?"


"Wait...uhhh....who else?" She would look at Kunzite.

Kunzite looks back and shrugs.

"Colour Change Rose Quartz."

"Ooh. You have a garden right? Can I see ittttt~"

Pink Opal smiles and nods, looking at her garden.

"Show me! SHOW ME!"


  • Milky Opal
  • Colour Change Rose Quartz
  • Pink Opal
  • Kunzite
  • Crystal Quartz



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