Men vs Mineral is a fan made series created by Heroic Gaming. The series is a story about two former policemen who try to take back their city from a colony of Homeworld Gems.


A city called Redwood Acres has been overrun by a colony of Homeworld Gems, led by a gem named Jet Lignite. The humans have been evacuated, hiding in survival, or taken away to be sent to the Gem Forge, an indoctrination program that turns humans into Gems to further create an army.

On the other side, there are two former detectives who are part of this city. They want to take back what was once theirs: their city.



  • Morton Henderson: The main protagonist of the series. Morton (age 55) is the headstrong leader out of the two protagonists. A stern, serious detective and a formidable opponent, Morton and his bro-cop Lee used to work for the Redwood Police Force, but now they must take back Redwood Acres from the Homeworld Gems.
  • Lee Martes: Morton's apprentice and a excellent sniper, Lee (age 26) is the deutertagonist of the series. Lee is the dead mute who chooses not to talk as much. During the series he is considered to be emotionless, because it would affect his survival during this time of the Homeworld Gems reign.

Redwood Homeworld Gems

  • Jet Lignite: The leader of the Redwood Homeworld Gems. He is a mad and insane guy and a member of the Black Diamond Society.
  • Black Opal:
  • Moonstone:
  • Azurite: The leader of the Gem Guard and the interrogator, Azurite is a cold calculating gem who will never surrender.


See Episodes of Men vs Mineral.


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