Marilyn has boy short, black died hair in a messy undercut hairstyle. Her eyes are a dull green while her skin is a rosy pale in color. You will often find here wearing her classic black jacket. It has a mandarin collar, long sleeves that are often rolled up, and two pockets on each side of her torso. She will also wear a t-shirt of any shade of green, gray or white shorts, and some sneakers.


Marilyn is shown to be motherly, calm, and generous. She will keep a collected appearance when handling many situations. When faced with younger individuals, she will make sure to keep them happy. And if she feels she could help in any way possible, she gladly will.

But she is also ignorant, childish, and in a way, too nice. Certain situations will make her rude. If not in a mood to deal with others, she will act ignorant. Her childish side comes out when she is either dealing with children or having fun. But in other circumstances, she can be too nice as Onyx says. So nice, she forgets about her own well-being. A mixed up person really.


While Marilyn cannot fight in anyone, she still has some abilities that become useful in everyday life.

Marilyn has shown excellent cooking skills. She can make most bland dishes into something anyone would eat. And she even loves cooking, and does not mind cooking all the time.

Because she is generous, she is able to improve the lives of others. This becomes useful when she just wants to be put in a better mood.

Marilyn, while she tries to hide it, is also known to dance a little. But because she does not dance often, it is unknown which dances she knows and does not know.


Marilyn was both into a rather normal family. Her mother was a lawyer while her father was an accountant. Her life stayed relatively normal, other than Onyx being there all the time. The two become best friends because of how much time they spent together. Nothing much really happened until she moved out. Onyx moved in with her. Why? As he stated: "It's because I need to protect you. I doubt you could defend off a lady bug." Marilyn replied with a small giggle and a pillow to the face.


  • Marilyn was not thought up until Onyx's later design.
  • Marilyn was originally meant to be a gem. She was meant to be Emerald, but was later changed due to me not liking her last design.

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