Maranoid powers are a type of ability granted to Gems with any sort of blue-red combination theme in The Defenders.


Maranoid powers allow rudimentary mind-control to those affected. If a Gem is awake and not expecting the move, maranoid powers can take complete control of the one being attacked. It has been shown that Gems with sufficiently high strength in their maranoid power can overcome different limits: Calypsite was shown to have the ability to control Gems from extremely far away without their contact with her blood, and blatantly counteracted Azemine's maranoid powers with her own.

Maranoid blood


Gems with maranoid powers have actual blood running through their bodies in two separate circulatory systems: one pumps red blood, one pumps blue blood. As Gems do not have hearts, these blood vessels come from their gem.

A side effect of this is an incredible resistance to poofing, such as how Azemine spent the latter half of The Defenders with a hole in her chest and being barely able to move without the help of her chains, yet she did not poof once.

Gems that come into contact with maranoid blood immediately become exponentially more susceptible

Characters with maranoid powers




  • It is worth noting that maranoid blood is not necessarily the same shade of blue and red. While Maiaite had bright red and blue blood, Azemine's was diluted and dark and Calypsite's blue was almost black and her red was almost gray.
  • The term "maranoid" is derived from the word "maroon".

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