Lady Ruby is the hot tempered elemental gem and past lover to Lord Sapphire


Lady Ruby stands at 7.6 FT tall with light red skin with dark cherry chair that has orange highlights that resembles embers in her hair that goes down to her back ending at her waist. Her eyes are a bright cherry red that can actually give off a glow at night. She wears a beautiful red dress with an orange sash around her waist. On the rim of the bottom of her dress is orange flamed patterns. She has a hole on the dress over her chest allowing her to have access to her gemstone. Her gemstone is cut in the shape of a flame and is positioned on her chest. She also wears red bracelets on her wrists that go up half way up her for arm each one with fire details


Lady Ruby has many traits to her personality and while some are better then other she dose have a lot of traits to her. She is shown to be extremely hot tempered being easily set off by others. But despite how hot tempered she is she is also quite passionate and very bright compared to even periods (let alone other rubys). She at times can be a little flirtatious in battle often trying to flirt to mess with others minds. She is quite a diverse gem and not your standard ruby.

Powers and Ability's

  • Pyrokinesis (Fire manipulation)
  • Fire Wings
  • Geothermalkinesis (Magma Manipulation)
  • Phoenix Form
  • Advanced hand to hand combat
  • Weapon Generation


Like fire itself her weapons are wild, unyielding, and quite beautiful to watch in battle. She is equipped with large blade each one with magma detailing on the metal with handles of lava rock. Her blades can ignite when ever she choses to making them even more dangerous then before. But the most dangerous part of this weapon is the range. They are each connected to a chain that connects to the wrists of Lady Rudy that she can use to increase her range by a massive distance. When in battle if any gem see's these weapons they knew it only meant one thing, a fiery death.


Lady Ruby's them is the intense yet beautiful melody of the song Dragon Empress, but in the fanon the song is know as The Heart of The Phoenix


  • in the original series she wasn't facilitated with the brothers except for sapphire
    • in the reboot it is revealed that she was a knight who served the brothers
  • Her blades are highly based on the blades of chaos from the God of War video game franchise
  • Ruby is shown to still have some feelings for Lord Sapphire but often hides them as much as possable

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