Kunzite is the fusion of Redstone and Steven, that debuted on Undersea Search on Electro Tales.


Kunzite has the appearence of a tall, pink male human teenager. His skin is pink, while he has light pink shoes, while his fingers come off, like sandels. He wears a dark pink short and Steven's jean, and wears a pink shirt and Steven's shirt. He wears a pink hoodie, and has two arms, and has a short, spiky yet wooly, magenta hair. He has two pupils on his eye; one is dark pink, one is magenta.

Depiction on episodes

Undersea Search

Kunzite debuted on Undersea Search, and Redstone and Steven stayed as Kunzite for almost the whole episode, just to unfuse at the end.


  • Kunzite is actually 100% male instead of having no sex at all, since, thanks to Steven, he has a male reproductionary system.

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