This is based off a RolePlay series from the SU wiki. The editors are The Diamond Man, and KinguvX.


Start of Class: Gems are made in the Kindergarden and they go to a gem Base to be taught.

The Emerald Witch: Agate and Bloodstone are taken over by Emerald in their beast form to break her curse.

Day of Rest: After the Emerald incident, Quartz lets the gems take a break, while Fluorite is trying to talk to Jet.

Day On Earth: Quartz lets the gems have fun at a beach on Earth.  

Some New Tricks: Emerald returns and she has some new tricks.  

Rebel Base: The Diamonds send Agate, Quartz and Bloodstone to a rebel base, and Quartz and Bloodstone show Agate what fusion is all about.   

Independence: Agate is sent on a mission by himself to free prisoners from a base.   

Experiments: Agate is kidnapped and experimented on. The other gems have to save him.   

Fusion Work: The gems try to get along with Apatite and Painite but Painite is hard to work with.   

The Rule: Cymosphane takes over the Palace, and gets them caught up in the final Rebel attack.   

Regeneration: Agate returns, but not like normal.

Reunion: The gems struggle to reunite Apatite and Painite, but the other gems enjoy Apatite better than Agate.

The Gang: Agate has made friends with corrupted gems, and the other gems try to get him back.

Experimentation: Agate and Bloodstone are kidnapped, and used for a Homeworld defense program.

Iolite: Sard meets a gem, and becomes smitten with her.

Her Return: Agate begins having frequent nightmares leading up to a disaster.

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