Jet's Wrath is the first episode of the minisiries, "The Wrath of Yellow Jet". It is part of the Jet's days canon universe. The Crystal Gems were in the bubble room, as Steven prepares to heal more corrupted gems. Steven sees a gem, looking cool, as he says. "Pearl, that gem looks cool". "That, Steven, is Yellow Jet, Rose Quartz's close friend. We poofed her years ago, when Rose said she was dark, and twisted.", says Pearl. Steven points at it. "Can I pop the bubble? I'll try to help her. "No!", Pearl says. "Yes.", says Garnet. "We'll just poof her afterwards. After all, she used to love Rose." Steven's hand reaches the bubble, prepared to pop it.

It pops. The Crystai Gems prepare to summon their weapons. Yellow Jet regenerates. She summons her scythe. "Thank You, Rose Quartz. I know you. Your'e Greg's son. So Rose married Greg, huh?" She uses her telekinisis to freeze Garnet in place. Pearl throws her a spear, but her scythe deflects it. "No!", The Crystal Gems say. Steven tries to come to Yellow Jet. "Steven!" Garnet says. Amethyst whipslashes Yellow Jet, but she doges it. She gets a Dark Realm artifact and places it to a Warp Pad to go to the Dark Realm.

"My Diamond", she tells Carbonado. "Yellow Jet, you traitor. You just decided to show up?", Carbonado says. "No, I decided to return to homeworld." "Very Well. This might be another plan of yours. I'll read your gem, then." Carbonado reads her gem. "The truth?" The Crystal Gems warp to the Dark Realm, as Yellow Jet forgot to take her artifact. "What was that", Carbonado asks. "It was my machine", Black Pearl, her Pearl says. "Sounded like a warp pad", Carbonado replies. The Crystal Gems hide in one of the pilars.

"What are we going to do?", Asks Pearl. "We stick together.", says Garnet. "Yeah!" Steven says. Pearl runs near Carbonado. "Pearl!" Garnet shouts. "To early", Amethyst says. "Pearl, defend me from the rebels, as the meaning of this is awe full. "Yes, My Diamond", says Black Pearl. She summons her spear, similar to the Crystal Gems" Pearl, from her forehead. Fun Fact: Black Pearl's gem is in her forehead despite her Diamonds' gem being in her chest, since she was defective.

Anyways, the two Pearls duel.

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