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Serendibite commonly adressed as Sergei and less frequentlySiren is a fandom created Gem by Japkot. They are non-canon. They have made their first appearance on the Chapter 'Our New Arrival' in the Fanfiction called 'What Binds Us'

They were created on Homeworld as an upgrade to the Quartz Warriors, and were sent to Earth as a means to test them on the remaining Crystal Gems. But something happened that none thought to be possible.

Not even the Diamonds themselves could explain...


Sergei request 3


He's the rebellious and most dominant side of the split personalities, even prefering to appear 'Male' instead of the female look that all gems seemed to prefer. He becomes very angry when his freedom is threatened, mostly because of the pain he endured as Serendibite under the effects of the 'Remote Control' and the remorse he was feeling for the things he was forced to do under it.

Beside that he's a very playful person, often making sarcastic comments and snide remarks, feeding his humour with brutal and unfiltered honesty. He's very compassionate, learning about Earth's history made him fascinated by its life.

He gets hurtful when people reject him and under all of his emotions, a deep burning anger is still present, hidden behind a mask that's rapidly deteriorating.


Siren 2 request


Her views are set in stone; Serve homeworld, obey homeworld. She's the part of Serendibite that still wants to serve homeworld, only existing because of the 'Remote Control' strain that was being apllied on Serendibite during their Seperation.

She looks down upon humans, regarding them as nothing more then pests who get in 'our' way. She has a particular hate for Steven for his part in the seperation of Serendibite.

A degrading sneer or a sinister smirk is present whenever she appears, which is mostly when Peridot tries to use the Remote Control to get them to help her get out of Earth. Causing Sergei unimaginable Pain and letting his control slip just enough for her to appear spectrally. She is yet to make a physical appearance, only a phantom one.

Aside from these defining traits, she is very similar to Sergei, humourwise, and some modifiers on her appearance indicates that she inherited his casualness. But other then that those two deeply resent each other.

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