I'm Not That Boy is one of the 4 main songs in the first session finally of The Legend of Onix series. The song is preformed by Onix, who is absolutely in ruins that rose has chosen Greg over him and that there love will never be anymore.


Onix returns to the sweet and looks at a beautiful Rose in a vase by the piano and begins to play it thinking about there past together

Onix: Hands touch, eyes meet, Sudden silence, sudden heat, Hearts leap in a giddy whirl, she could be that Girl, but I'm not that Boy

Rose awakes hearing the song and looks out the room and see's Onix playing the piano and singing the song

Onix: Don't dream too far, Don't lose sight of who you are, *sheds a tear singing this* Don't remember that rush of joy, she could be that girl, I'm not that boy

Rose gently walks closer hearing him play the song

Onix: Ev'ry so often we long to steal, To the land of what-might-have-been, But that doesn't soften the ache we feel, When reality sets back in

Rose is completely speechless of his song and could feel the true pain he felt without her

Onix: Blithe smile, thick limb, he who's winsome, he wins her, brown hair in a wild whirl, That's the boy she chose, And now I know, I'm not that boy

Rose quietly approaches behind him

Onix: Don't wish, don't start, Wishing only wounds the heart, I wasn't made for Rose and the world, There's a boy I know, She loves him so, I'm not that Boy...

Onix stops playing and begins to cry over the keys, Rose gently places her hand on her shoulder which startles him.

Onix: *Spoke* Rose!?, you herd that..

Rose: *Spoke* Onix... Onix embarrassed and ashamed turns into a void of shadows and heads out of the sweet through the door


  • this song was inspired by "I'm Not That Girl" From the Broadway show Wicked
  • The song shows the pain and suffering Onix is dealing with without Rose
  • Onix is shown to be skilled on a piano

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