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Homeworld past future Earth is the first story arc of the The Fluorite, Angel aura quartz, and Azurite saga.This takes place before the rebellion and shows how Fluorite and Angel aura Quartz got to Earth.


After committing crimes against Homeworld Fluorite must now do service for the Diamond authority by shattering gems who betray Homeworld, but after a few hundred year is tired of it and makes a plan to escape.


Prologue (TFAAQAS)

Chapter1:The Judgment (TFAAQAS)

  • After Fluorite is captured he is to be judged by the Diamonds.

Chapter2:Fluorite's sins (TFAAQAS)

  • Fluorite is now force to destroy gems in order to save crystal from being shattered

Chapter3:Last one out of Homeworld

  • Fluorite plans to escape Homeworld after learning something disturbing to him and Earth.

Chapter4:Earth life

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