Hematite more specifically, Hematite Facet-1B7E Cut-6FT was a Homeworld Gem.


Hematite has a grey skin. She wears a light grey dress covering her whole body, except for the head. She has a white tape that goes down to the ground, and the end of it, who is diamond-shaped, has a blue tone. She has a blue diamond insignia on her chest, and skinny arms. She has a small pointy nose, and short white hair, with part of it covering her left (the side NOT poiting to the recent wiki activity) eye. Her black, diamond-shaped gemstone on the forehead is hardly seen.

Depiction on the series

Hematite debuted on Undersea Search (Electro Tales) and, later on Something To Be Shown she was converted into a Crystal Gem by Steven, when she learned about being unique in her own way based off the things on Earth.

Powers and habilities

  • Iron Transformation - Hematite can turn into iron, which turns her immune to everything but unable to do anything.
  • Metter analyzis - Hematite can analyzis and copy matter around her, even when poofed.
  • Metter making - Hematite can create metter that has been analyzed.


  • Hematites haircut is based off Rosalinas from Mario Galaxy.

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