In Tao Gems, Yellow Diamond gives a punishment to Onyx. Shattering? Corruption?


The Diamonds murmured. White Aquamarine stared at Black Laced Onyx, who put on an eyepatch given by a Gem. The eyepatch covered his hurt eye from the battle with Yellow Diamond.. White Aquamarine bit on her nails, Onyx just stood there, and White Diamond was smiling, confident that she'll defend the two from any punishment.

Yellow Diamond then said, "We will not harm White Aquamarine or Black Laced Onyx... on ONE condition: Onyx joins Homeworld's side."

Onyx and White Aquamarine walked to each other. Yellow Diamond said, "Go talk to each other. It's your last words."

(soontrak) White Aquamarine began to cry. Onyx had a stern expression. He realized this was fate. White Aquamarine wiped her face and said, "Can we... sing that song I've been practicing?"

"... ... I always thought I might be bad... White Aquamarine? We all have to grow up sometimes. I will never forget you. You will always be in a special place in my heart."

White Aquamarine then kissed Onyx and said, "I don't wanna leave. I want to go with you."

Onyx said, "Well, I'm going alone. Yellow Diamond said this. Goodbye."

Onyx walked up the stairs to Yellow Diamond. The Diamonds and Onyx were separated from the others because of glass. Yellow Diamond said, "I may have lost the war, but believe me, I'll get revenge. Rose Quartz used to be ours, so I can beat her." The Diamonds moved out of the room. Outside, they were going into a huge spaceship.

White Aquamarine's head was down. Tears were on the brown floor. Charoite, surprisingly, was crying more. She covered her face with her hands. White Diamond just crossed her arms, with a firm expression on her pale face.

Steve said, "Guys... it was fun. My mom is worried sick, though. She hasn't seen me for over a year. I promise, my children, my children's children will learn to be close friends with you. Promise. I hope we'll be able to meet again." Steve hugged White Aquamarine and White Diamond and then ran out of the courthouse.

White Aquamarine stared at the two and said, "Hey, keep in touch, alright? We'll meet here in a few hours and have a good day!

White Aquamarine tried to make the day better. Buying food to eat, taking a nice walk.

The two met up a few hours later and had a girl's night out. Eventually, in a few days, White Aquamarine forgot Onyx even existed. She never forgot what her purpose was for, though: To represent the tao. She still fights boldly for Rose Quartz, and does this nowadays.


  • White Aquamarine
  • Black Laced Onyx
  • Charoite
  • White Diamond
  • Steve Strait
  • Natural Fancy Black Diamond
  • Dresden Green Diamond
  • Vivid Yellow-Orange Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Yellow Diamond
  • Several Gems

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