Gray Star Sapphire

Gray Star Sapphire, or Gray, was a Homeworld elite. She traveled to Earth with Spinel, Zircon and Topaz to map where the Crystal Gem's base was. The Crystal Gems at the time (Citrine, Azurite, and Lapis Lazuli) saw the ship coming, but then it crashed onto the Beach in the episode Hands Down. Once it was clear all four of them were safe, The CG attacked them. Gray, Spinel, and Topaz decided to dash for the timber and made it to the Warp Pad. Zircon stayed to fight and was poofed and bubbled.

The three Homeworld Gems warped to the Kindergarten, where they hoped to find supplies to build a new ship and fast. the CG caught up with them and caught Topaz. In a desperate attempt to escape, Spinel and Gray fused to form Aquamarine. Combining Gray's floating ability with Spinel's high jump, they were able to fly. The CG shot missiles at them from the air, and one hit Spinel's gem, on his hand. This caused them to infuse and, while they were falling through the air, Gray caught Spinel's gem and realized it was cracked.

The CG felt pity for Gray as she cried over Spinel's gem, and they took them to Rose's fountain. Spinel was healed and the two expressed how much they love each other.

Zircon labeled it as 'mushy'.

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