Garnet² is the thirteenth episode of Our Verse.


“But how do I get her to say yes?” Ruby says in frustration. “Maybe she won’t say yes right away,” Garnet said. “This makes me so mad, I could PUNCH something” Ruby said angrily. “Ruby.. fusion can make ANYONE nervous, but your relationship can’t blossom without taking a risk and asking her.” Garnet said. “I realize that! But Teal is Teal, she loves herself a lot.. and she is very precious, me fusing with her might mess that up... she told me vocally before how opposed to it she was.” Ruby sighed. “But that also was then, and this is now, and she’s warmed up to me a lot lately.” Ruby said stressed and confused.

“You’ll figure it out.” Garnet said trying to reassure her. Ruby nodded. Ruby walked inside of the Crystal Temple. Ronaldo was sleeping on the couch, with a bandage covering his chest. Peedee was talking with Steven in the kitchen. Garnet, Violet Jasper, Pearl, and Amethyst were off on a mission. Teal Sapphire was sitting next to the warp pad, running her finger across the material. Ruby slowly walked towards Sapphire, and when Teal caught glance, Ruby blushed. “H-hey, Teal.” she said. “Hello.” Teal Sapphire said, glancing back down at the warp pad, continuing to feel it. “W-want to.. uhmm..” Ruby started to choke on her words. Teal Sapphire looked up at Ruby, Ruby had pursed lips and an even redder face than she already has.

“Is there something you need, Ruby?” Teal said coldly. “I want to... fuse.” Ruby said. Teal Sapphire looked up. “You’re kidding, right?” she said. “N-no.” Ruby said. “You actually want to fuse with me?” Teal continued. Ruby started to get nervous. “W-well...” Ruby went silent. “I actually have always wanted to try fusion, that’s my little secret. To be honest i’m not the most aristocratic rarity I talk myself up to me. I’ve actually always wanted to be a common fusion component gem.” Teal said excited. “W-well.. can we?” Ruby said. “Okay!” Teal said. They stood up, and Teal took Ruby’s hand, and put the other on her waste. “Let’s dance!” she said. The gems laughed and fused together within 2 seconds of locking eyes.

Pyrope Garnet emerged, and Pyrope struggled to stand up. All of the gems in the room looked over and freaked out. “Woah! Did you two just FUSE?” Steven said. “Y-yes...” Pyrope said. Garnet walked in the front door of the house, and met eyes with Pyrope. Her face lit up, and Pyrope got nervous. “You two did it!” she said. “We.. did..? We... we did!” she said excited. Pyrope ran over and hugged Garnet. “Thank you Garnet!” Pyrope said. End.





  • This episode is also known as "Garnet Squared".
    • This is a reference to two different garnet variants appearing in the episode.

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