This is the Galactic Journey fanon page, where all chapters will be posted and links to character pages will be shown. I hope you enjoy the fanon!

Plot Synopsis

4 gems become stranded on Earth after the events of Jailbreak/Full Disclosure and try to find their way home


Season 1A:

Chapter 1: Unfortunate Fate

Chapter 2: Held Captive

Chapter 3: Unexpected Guest

Chapter 4: Touchdown

Chapter 5: New Cargo

Season 1B:

Chapter 6: Ground To Cover

Chapter 7: Journey of a Thousand Light Years (in progress)

Main Characters

Chrome Diopside




Side Characters

White Diamond

Yellow Diamond



Lapis Lazuli


  • The first episode title Unfortunate Fate is a reference to the Legend Of Zelda series
  • This is actually a rewrite of my previous fanon, named Zzrmax's Bizarre Fanon Adventure, the title of which was a reference to the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure manga/anime series.

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