For The Better is one of the 4 main songs in The Legend of Onix Series. The song is preformed by Greg and Onix as Greg learns about his past with rose and how Rose has been happy with Greg


Onix is sitting at Le hotels bar drinking a scotch on the rocks with a cherry garnish

Onix: *spoke* even my favorite drink can heal the pain I feel

Rose, Greg, and Onix come down to the bar and see him

Greg: *spoke* Onix, can we talk for a second

Onix: *spoke* What do you want Greg

Greg: *spoke* Listen I know you had a past with Rose but you can just keep wallowing in your pain like this.

Onix: *spoke* You wouldn't understand a thing about this Greg

Onix takes off his crown and turns it into a microphone as he enchants the instruments to play a song for him

Onix: I've heard it said, That people come into our lives, For a reason. leaving something we can love, And though I loved you so, For I was forced to break up with you now. For the others didn't trust our love. Well I don't know if you believe that's true. But I know I'm in ruins today, Because I'm Without you. Like a comet pulled from orbit, As it passes though the stars. Like a stream that meets a boulder, Halfway through the wood. But I know that you've been changed for the better, But because He knew you,You have been changed for good

Rose is speechless from hearing the song knowing that Onix had no choice but to leave her

Greg: It well may be,That we will never fight again,In this lifetime for I know you have been through much, through this lifetime, For I know rose will be with you When my time ends, So promise me this request. If I do pass away promise me this, you will love and be with her, And my son as well. Like a ship blown from it's mooring, By a wind off the sea. Like a sea dropped by a sky bird, In a distant wood For I know that she changed for the better, But because She knew you

Onix: Because She knew you

Onix and Greg: She have been changed for good

Rose smiles seeing the two of them sing

Onix: *spoke* Greg, I promise that if anything happens to you I will be there for Rose and Steven

Greg: *spoke* She mentioned to me about you before, saying how she saw a bit of you in me

Onix: *spoke* Greg, I'm sorry for being rude to you, can be make a truce

Greg: *spoke* definitely your highness *shakes his hand*

Onix and (Greg): *sung simultaneous* Like a comet pulled from orbit (Like a ship blown from it's mooring,) As it passes through the stars (By a wind off the sea) Like a stream that meets a boulder, (Like a sea dropped by bird,) Halfway through the wood (In the wood)

Onix and Greg: For I know that I've been changed for the better, I do believe we have been changed for the better.

Onix: and because I knew you

Greg: Because I knew you

Greg and Onix: Because I knew you, I have been changed, For good

Greg and Onix share a hug as the staff of Le Hotel cheer for them and Rose runs up and hugs them both and Steven joins in the hug


  • This song is based on the song from wicked "For Good"
  • Onix is shown to be able to manipulate his dark mater crown into what ever he wants

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