Entirely New is an Alternate Universe story of Steven Universe. This series revolves around a few Gems living in a city very close to Beach City in the state of Delmarva, taking place in the same timeline as Steven Universe. These Gems secretly survived the Rebellion's ending, and identify as the Galactic Gems, and they survive alongside the Crystal Gems in this universe.

Let's Build

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Focal Characters

Here is a list of the main/focal characters of Entirely New.

Name Role Fate
Jalen Human Alive
Brenda Human Alive
Emerald Earth Inhabiting Gem Active
Covellite Earth Inhabiting Gem Active
Orange Sapphire Earth Inhabiting Gem Active
Ametrine Homeworld Gem Inactive


Season One

Season One covers getting to know the main characters, and what they are like as characters.

Episode Name Synopsis Date of Release Production Code
Gem Rebels The Gem War is recalled. TBA 101
Back to Reality The Gems investigate the prime Kindergarten. TBA 102
Imagination A human witnesses the Gems. TBA 103
Desert Ray A strange disturbance is detected. TBA 104
Rewind Emerald discovers a tape from years ago. TBA 105
Old School Jalen and Brenda learn about Gems. TBA 106
The Hub The Communication Hub is rebuilt once more. TBA 107
Common Denominator The Galactic Gems study the Crystal Gems. TBA 108
Doesn't Take a Detective Brenda helps Jalen solve a Gem mystery. TBA 109
Whatever You Want Covellite's backstory is recalled. TBA 110
Helping Hand Jalen helps the Gems on a mission. TBA 111
Deciphered Morganite helps decipher a code. TBA 112
Face to Face The Gems face off against a new threat. TBA 113
Henchmen TBA TBA 114
Blood Brothers Ametrine is delivered an ultimatum. TBA 115
The Decision Emerald tells Jalen and Brenda how he joined the Crystal Gems. TBA 116
Let's Make a Deal Morganite is put in a compromising situation. TBA 117
Paradise Jalen has a dream about being a Gem. TBA 118
In The Crosshairs Ametrine becomes paranoid. TBA 119
Miles Out The Gems take Jalen on a road trip. TBA 120
Fusion Crime Jalen and Brenda learn about fusion. TBA 121
Borrowed Time TBA TBA 122
The Quartz Cuisine A Quartz Gem is sent to Earth. TBA 123
In My Way Jalen and Brenda visit the Gems. TBA 124
The Mole Orange Sapphire feels a dark presence. TBA 125
How to Save a Life The Gems race against the clock to save one of their own. TBA 126

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