Her body looks like Pearl's, has green Sugilite's classes along with Malachite's hair.


Although Emerald did not created Raptor she did took care of him back at Homeworld. In Homeworld she was the security of Yellow Diamond's colony and Obsidian asked if she coud take care of Raptor. A year later after Obsidian went to Earth she knew something was wrong (Obsidian used to visit Emerald after she was done with her work), so she went to Obsidian's lab and she saw a letter from Obsidian saying were she went so Emerald wen after them and eventually was almost attacked by Garnet but was protected by Raptor and Obsidian. So now she is helping Raptor and Obsidian defend this world from all threats.


  • Gem Bow

Emerald can create a Bow with her gem


Emerald's personality is like Amethyst, likes to foll around but she is short temp.

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