Electro Tales is a fandom written by CalimTheCrystalGem and Nyamour.


Season 1

  • Undersea Search - The Crystal Gems, along with a Fusion Gem search for Onyx.
  • Stranded Deep - Hematite and the Ruby Troop have to reach the beach.
  • Something to be Shown - Steven shows the good things of Earth with his new friend, and a half-healed Onyx.
  • Weird Royalt - Redstone wonders about Peridot's royalt after what he saw her doing in the Kindergarten.
  • Welcome to Earth - Zip, Dogoo, Clustery and Onyx go on their first mission together and find something else.
  • How do we Share - Lapis and Peridot have to share the barn.
  • I Have One - The Crystal Gems look for a rare artefact on a ruined Diamond Building on Earth.
  • Re-Friendship - Steven and Garnet send Redstone and Peridot on a mission together.
  • Mistakes Happen - Garnet lets a certain someone explore the Temple with Warp Pads. However, she ends up releasing the bubbled Corrupted Gems.
  • Deep Exploration - The Crystal Gems look for yet another item on a Diamond Dungeon.
  • They're Coming - Peridot uses the item, and notices something bad.
  • Here We Are - They arrived.

Season 2



  • When Season 2 is about to end, there will be episodes regarding corrupted Diamonds.

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