Solar gems syndicateee-0 This is an Episode belonging to the Solar Gems Syndicate Fanmade Series. If you enjoyed, please consider reading the rest of the series!

" Well?! " Peridot stared at Sunstone, then to Beryll, then to Spinel, and then to Minty Quartz, expecting a question. Beryll glared at her, " Well what? ". Peridot sweated nervously, " Ask me what news I have! ". Beryll pulled out his halberd and pointed it at her, " Why couldn't I just end you? ". Peridot shuddered, " But I have the info! I was a grand builder of sorts back during the war! I constructed the destabilizer you all use now! Surely I can help rebuild your ship if you allow for me to come along on the ride back to Homeworld! I shall need metal, bolts, wood, TONS of wires... other supplies. ". She seemed confident, Beryll dismissed his weapon. Spinel cheered and hugged Peridot, " So we can go home?! ". Peridot was struggling to get Spinel away, " Sure, whatever, as long as I do too. I've been stuck here for thousands of years and I crave the embrace of our old Homeworld. ". Beryll nodded, " Fine... your freedom is imminent if that ship is built. ". Minty Quartz clapped, " What a wonderful negotiation"

Onyx Fusion

Peridot began her work on the ship while Spinel forced Beryll and Sunstone to make up. Sunstone was in his room, thinking quietly before Spinel dragged Beryll inside, " Sunnnyyyyyy! ". Sunstone turned around before frowning at the sight of Beryll, " Why is he here? ". Beryll groaned and rolled his eyes, " I have ears. ". Sunstone remarked, " Hard to see them under that huge puff you call your hair. " Beryll glared at him, " Listen up, 'sunny'-- ". The two were interrupted by Spinel getting in between them, " GUYS! We're on the same team, we have the same goal, we all just wanna go home! Can't we just work together? Cmoooooon.... " She pushed Sunstone and Beryll's faces together, accidentally making them collide into a gem fusion. Spinel's eyes glowed, " Oh... my.... gosh! " The two were known as Onyx, well... known is a strong word, because they defused quickly, but they seem... less hating towards each other. A gem fusion was their perfect way of bonding.

Beryll's cheeks flushed as dark as Onyx's hair was displayed as, " Spinel! That was highly unprofessional of you! ". Sunstone turned around, ignoring the two while Spinel insecerely apoligized, she didn't regret anything, the two of them might have had a better understanding as a result of this fusion.

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