Dogoo is a character made by CalimTheCrystalGem and a Combat Robonoid/Gem hybrid. Donut steel.


Dogoo has the body shape of Dogcopter, except that he is red, and he has no legs, only 4 white pallets working as feet. However, he still has a dog-shaped face and a tail. He has a Redstone gemstone on his chest.


During the Gem War, Combat Robonoids were made. However, the mass-production of them normally ended up making one or two of them with a different appearence. This happened to Dogoo- while he was made, extra resources were taken on him, and he ended up stumbling on a bunch of other Robonoids, giving him a dog-like shape. Dogoo prefered not to fight, so he decided to hide on dark places during the War. That was, until Redstone found him. Although he hid on good places, one day, he was found, and a Gem made a big crack on his chest, before being poofed by Redstone who came back to the spot less than amused. Seeing the crack, Redstone had a ideia- he got the shards from other shattered Redstone comrades, and glued them on Dogoo's chest. It worked, but gave Dogoo Redstone powrs and a red coloration. However, that was far rom a problem. When Homeworld recuated, and a few from the Crystal Gems was under Rose's shield, Dogoo was coming from the distance. However, the flash finally happened. Rose's bubble shield ended up separating Redstone and Dogoo...or did it? Thanks to being mostly Combat Robonoid, the song only made Dogoo's dog traits even more fluffier. Currently, Dogoo lives with the Crystal Gems.

Powers and habilities

  • Electro goo - Dogoo can spit amounts of red, electric goo which will lighty electrocute the target.
  • Glue goo - Dogoo can also aspit amounts of red goo that can be shaped and can be glued or/and used to glue something.

Chat RP AU

On Chat RP AU, Dogoo is the newest recruit to the Crystal Gems, along with Redstone.


  • His name is a pun of "dog" and "goo".

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