Coral is one of two gem halves created when Pearl's gem is severed in the story, Fission. Her counterpart is Sea Glass.


Coral retains the original Pearl's emotions, but few of her memories. Her self-esteem is quite high, with little need (or desire) to rely on others, the complete opposite of a typical Homeworld Pearl. Her knowledge base, however, is very limited. Because of her overconfidence, she struggles with acquiring new skills and often misjudges how much she still has to learn.


Coral retains few of the original Pearl's memories, with the exception of details surrounding Rose Quartz and the rebellion. However, these memories are later erased by Peridot in an attempt to force Coral to regenerate when her most painful memories are keeping her mentally locked inside her gem. Unlike Sea Glass, Coral harbors a bitter anger towards Peridot (and Amethyst, who assisted her).


Coral has an salmon tone to her body. Her face is asymmetrical, with a single eye and gemstone on her right side and her hair falling over the left (mostly featureless) side. She also possesses only one arm, which is on her left side, although her outfit has sheer sleeves draping over both shoulders. (Her outfit is otherwise identical to the original Pearl's.) Her weapon is a dagger, resembling a small version of the original Pearl's spear. She is skilled at weaving around an opponent and sneaking in for a quick attack.


Coral's Dagger


Coral is the second of the two pearl halves to reconstruct herself. However, as Coral is only half of a gem, she cannot survive for long periods of time without being fused with someone else. She becomes the most stable when fused with Sea Glass or another Gem half.

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