Citrine is a Homeworld Gem working for Yellow Diamond.


Citrine has golden hair, yellow skin, dark-ish yellow clothing, and yellow boots with diamonds on them. Her spear (weapon may be changed later) is golden with yellow spikes. Her gem is located on her neck. She is 4'2" tall and weighs 27 lbs.


Citrine acts cute in front of the other Homeworld Gems for a short time. Nobody knows why. The way she acts towards the Crystal Gems is she just asks for a fight. Nobody knows why that happens either.



Can't you just be serious this ONE time, Citrine...?!

Aquamarine is Citrine's friend who, unlike Citrine, is serious about Homeworld and her tasks. She is friends with Citrine because of Citrine's personality.


  • This article is a WIP (Work In Progress), meaning that it's an unfinished article that needs to be worked on.
  • Citrine's birthday is November because the Citrine and Topaz gemstones are the two birthstones of November.
  • This is Amxii's first OC, as well as first Homeworld OC.



Smol Gem's Gemstone


Gemstone Information

Citrine's gemstone is ovalular, and it is yellow. Her gem is located on her neck.


Image Description
Smol Gem's Gem
Citrine's gem is located on her neck. The shape is ovalular and the gem color is different shades of Yellow.

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