Chrome Diopside is a gem from the fanon Galactic Journey. She is a somewhat tall, dark green gem who wears a long coat with a tank top underneath leaving a hole in the center of the chest for her gemstone. She also wears short pants. Her hair is a pale shade of green, being roughly shoulder length, pulled back into a ponytail.


  • Increased Intellect
    • She has shown many cases of her advanced intellect, being able to invent many new weapons and technologies for the use of home world.
    • She is White Diamond's Chief of Science, essentially being the ultimate authority of scientific advances on home world, beside White Diamond herself.
  • Short Sword Use
    • She can transform her artillery bracelet into a light green short sword, which she often uses in close combat.
    • She once took on a squad of minor level Ruby soldiers (unfused) and won.

Trivia/Fun Facts

  • She always refers to her diamond leader as "Miss White Diamond"
  • Although Diopsides are not a rare occurrence on home world, Chrome Diopside is a rarity due to her added height, and green complexion.
  • Her weapon is an artillery bracelet of her own design, that she continues to work on. It can perform various actions, but she most often uses it to form an energy short sword, in which she has decent proficiency.
  • She was the head designer of gem destabilizer technology, inventing both the field and the handheld weapon.

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