"Celestial Gems" is a fanon series created by JinxBinx. It overlooks the Celestial Gems team, their escape from Homeworld, and protecting the earth. It will focus on the original Celestial Gems, but as they go through life with each other, more will be added.


Yeah. It's true that we're Homeworld runaways. But, we did it for the right reasons. Now, they're after us, and I'm not sure any of us know what to do. Not even Her. She is being so brave for all of us, but how can A gem lead us against the Gems that caused this? I just hope We're strong enough, all of us...To take them on...Hopeful, right?


  • Some Episodes may be flashback episodes.
  • Some Episodes may have more violence.

Season 1

Season 1A

Season 1A is going to be focusing on the Gems daily lives as Guardians of Earth, along with some crazy adventures! It'll have 15 episodes!

No. Season 1A Episode Title Synopsis Release Date Writers

Episode 1.



TBA Jinx
Episode 2 TBA TBA TBA Jinx
Episode 3 TBA TBA TBA Jinx
Episode 4 TBA TBA TBA Jinx
Episode 5 TBA TBA TBA Jinx
Episode 6 TBA TBA TBA Jinx
Episode 7 TBA  TBA TBA Jinx
Episode 8 TBA TBA TBA Jinx
Episode 9 TBA TBA TBA Jinx
Episode 10 TBA TBA TBA Jinx

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