Bloodstone is one of the main Antagonist in The Fluorite, Angel aura quartz, and Azurite saga


Bloodstone stands as tall as peridot with limb enhancers. His gem is located on his mouth.



Bloodstone is a cold heartless


Bloodstone(Facet-4M6I Cut-3YZ) is a Blood Diamond server sent to earth with Blood pearl to investigate earth and to collect humans.


Image Description
Gemstone Bloodstone0 Bloodstones's gemstone is located on his mouth, featuring a diamond facet.The front and back are symmetrical, and it has a ring around it, which is usually hidden inside his body unless he's regenerating. Its overall shape is a diamond-esque .


Image Description Appearance(s)
Bloostone pic 1
Bloodstone with his limb enhancers and armor TBA
Bloostone pic 2
Bloodstone without his limb enhancers and armor TBA

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