Beware an Endo's Skarn is a series made by Silkworm.


It follows Endoskarn's adventures as she and Xanthoxen crashland in Empire City, and are forced to learn human culture and ways.



A soldier/bodyguard from Yellow Diamond's court, Endoskarn was assigned to the noble Xanthoxen, and would do anything in her power to protect her. Steering in space, Xanthoxen accidentally "distracted" her, and they crash-landed on Earth, with such force it malfunctioned the roaming eye. She bought sports tape to cover her and Xanthoxen's Gemstones. They reside in the Roaming Eye, both trying to fix it.


A so-called "noble" from Homeworld, unbeknownst to Endoskarn she and her kin's caste are actually hitmen (called hitgems) and she was hired to kill the emotionally defective Endoskarn, who acts different than other Skarns and isnt even that good of a bodyguard. However, when she tried killing Endoskarn in space, she ended up just distracting her from flying, crash-landing them into Earth. She never mentions her actual caste to Endoskarn, lest Endoskarn kills her first or escapes.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Even though fusing is unlikely, if Endoskarn and Xanthoxen fused, they would make Hydroxylclinohumite.
  • The title is a reference to "beware a woman scorned".

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