Axiverse: RE is a fan-series made by Kunzite-Spodumene.

The fan-series are focused around four gems: Azurite, Tsavorite, Chrysocolla and Crocoite. Their goal is to save Scomia from destruction and evil, and then, move onto galaxies and also save them, while revealing all the mysteries of the past.



  • Azurite
  • Tsavorite
  • Chrysocolla
  • Crocoite


The Homeworld Gems

  • Yellow Sapphire
  • Prehnite
  • Spiderweb Jasper
  • Orange Peridot
  • Yellow Moss Agate

The Guardians of Scomia

  • Thomsonite
  • Aquamarine
  • Moonstone
  • Merlinite
  • Cacoxenite
  • Petalite
  • Dragon Breath's Opal


Season Title Synopsis No. Date
1 New Home Azurite leaves Kescoynia and is heading to new home. 1 March 9th, 2016
1 The Householders Azurite enters the building and meets the householders. 2 March 24th, 2016
1 Friends or Enemies? Azurite thinks about her new acquantances. 3 March 26th, 2016
1 The Memories Azurite thinks about her old teammates. 4 April ??, 2016
1 Little Yellow Princess The Ambassadors come to the Scomia. 5 May 20th, 2016
1 The Multiversal Orb Crocoite discovers about the Multiversal Orb. 6 May 20th, 2016
1 The Attack of Guardians The Guardians of Scomia attack the Shell Base. 7 May ??, 2016
1 The Recharge The Axiverse Gems go to the Floating Icosahedron to get some energy for the Core of Scomia. 8 July 17th, 2016
1 The Multiverse The Axiverse Gems meet the others. 9 TBA
1 Episode Unknown The Gems are trapped in the Floating Icosahedron. 10 TBA
1 Error 471: Entry_Not_Valid The building is close to self-destruction 11 TBA
1 Error 901 Azurite tries to connect to the ship. 12 TBA
2 Chrysocolla's Tales: Memorial Diamond Chrysocolla tells Azurite about Memorial Diamond. 13 TBA
2 Chrysocolla's Tales: The Four Clans Azurite learns about the Four Clans. 14 TBA
2 Chrysocolla's Tales: The Shell Base Chrysocolla tells about the Shell Base's past. 15 TBA
2 Chrysocolla Chrysocolla talks about herself and her backstory. 16 TBA
2 Tsavorite Tsavorite tells about herself. 17 TBA
2 Crocoite Crocoite tells about herself, but...what else did she talk about? 18 TBA
2 The Rebels of Axiverse Azurite tells about her ex-teammates. 19 TBA
2 The Return Someone special returns to Scomia. 20 TBA
2 The Truth Azurite finds out the truth about her ex-teammates. 21 TBA
2 Operation Rescue: Part 1 The Axiverse Gems travel to Homeworld to find Azurite's ex-teammates. 22 TBA
2 Operation Rescue: Part 2 The Axiverse Gems got into a trap. 23 TBA
2 Operation Rescue: Finale The gems escape and return to Scomia. 24 TBA
2 Good Ol' Teammates Azurite meets her old teammates and tells them about her adventures. 25 TBA
2 Parting Someone needs to say goodbye. 26 TBA


  • Axiverse:RE was partly inspired by Undertale and Homestuck, and has some of the references.

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