Angel aura Quartz is one of the main characters in The Fluorite, Angel aura quartz, and Azurite saga


Angel aura Quartz stands to be as tall as Sapphire. His gem is located in his left eye(Like Ruby(Eyeball)). He has white skin and a blue eye. Most of his outfits consist of the colors purple, yellow, blue, pink, green and red.





Angel aura quartz is a sweet, loving, chill, and fun gem. Back before the war Angel aura had no emotions when he worked for White Diamond. He is very sensitive about his emotions he is easily saden when he is not loved by the gem he is in love with.


All Gems have various powers, including the ability to invoke a weapon, change shape, and strength, agility, speed, and skill beyond human capabilities. Fluorite can also take refuge in his gemstone after being wounded to heal, and is also capable of fusion.


  • When fused with Fluorite they form Mystic Quartz
  • When fused with Azurite(TFAAQAS) they form Mystic Topaz
  • When fused with Fluorite and Azurite they form Ammolite
  • When fused with Angel aura Quartz(Blue aura), Angel aura Quartz(Yellow aura), and Angel aura Quartz(Pink aura) they form a bigger Angel aura Quartz
  • When fused with Steven/Rose quartz they form Rainbow spirit quartz
  • When fused with Garnet they form Morganite
  • When fused with Amethyst they form Lavender Quartz
  • When fused with Pearl they form Crystal Opal
  • When fused with Lapis Lazuli they form Chalcedony
  • When fused with Jasper they form Chrysocolla


  • Spin dash: Like other Quartz's Angel can do a spin dash attack that really deals damage
  • Rainbow manipulate: Angel is able to summon rainbows out of his gem and control them.



Angel has known Fluorite since before the war at first hated each other but when stranded on earth they learned to enjoy each others company.


Angel didn't know anything about Azurite until him and Fluorite captured him

Steven Universe

Angel acts a like a big brother towards Steven and enjoys his company


Angel respects Garnet for being a fusion that stays together for ever

Ruby and Sapphire

Angel is in love with Sapphire even though she is with Ruby, and Angel is a bit afraid of Ruby when she is raged


Angel is also in love with Amethyst but is to shy to say it


At first Angel saw Pearl as another common Pearl, but he got to know her

White Diamond

Angel aura was very loyal to White Diamond obeying every order


Image Description
Gemstone Angel aura quartz 0 Angel aura quartz's gemstone is located on his left eye, featuring a Circular facet.The front and back are symmetrical, and it has a ring around it, which is usually hidden inside his body unless he's regenerating. Its overall shape is a circle.


Image Description Appearance(s)
Angel aura quartz pic 1st form
Angel aura Quartz's first form TBA
Angel aura quartz pic 1900s
Angel aura Quartz in the 1900's TBA
Angel aura quartz pic 80s
Angel aura Quartz in the 80's TBA
Angel aura quartz pic 1
Angel aura Quartz's Debut outfit TBA
Angel aura quartz pic 2
Angel aura Quartz's Previous form TBA
Angel aura quartz pic 3
Angel aura Quartz's second previous form TBA
Angel aura quartz pic 4
Angel aura Quartz's Current form TBA


  • Angel's debut, previous, and current forms hair is based on the show's hair like his debut form had Alexandrite's hair style, his previous form had Malachite's hairstyle, and his current form is has Centipeetle's hairstyle.
  • Angel aura is currently in love with Sapphire, Rose quartz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and Peridot

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