Amber is a young Human/Gem hybrid, at sixteen years of age, standing at the average height of a young, teenage girl. Her favorite outfit tends to be black skinny jeans with a yellow tank top the same color as her gemstone, with her wavy, bright blonde hair tied back by a black elastic band, usually into a ponytail.

She normally wears a pair of white sneakers and a white hoodie, her gemstone being embedded in her chest between her breasts.


Amber's weapon is modeled after what seems to be a Moorish Scimitar, the same weapon that her mother had. It is pale translucent orange/gold in coloration, just like her gemstone. She can also summon multiple of the sword at once.


Amber possesses all standard gem abilities, including weapon summoning, shape-shifting, bubbling, regeneration, fusion, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability. Being a human/gem hybrid, this makes her extremely resistant to gem-targeted technologies.

  • Electrokinesis: Like her mother, Amber is able to harness and use the energy of lightning and electricity in the space around her.
  • Insect Telepathy/Manipulation: Amber has the power to communicate to insects and ask for their assistance, as well as call upon large hordes of them.
  • Botanical Communication: Amber is able to communicate with plants of all kinds, as well as ask for their help.


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