Note:This is just a test,not the full episode,the real first episode could have big or small changes,i will see how things turn out,hope you enjoy!

Pilot Episode?.....

Made By-TheGreatAndLovablePapyrus

*An echoed Singing is heard*

*I Slowly Open My Eyes*

*The Singing stops*


"The light.."

"The Ships.."

"Where in the world is evreyone?.."

*I Slowly Stand Up.Everything around me looks deserted*

"What happened?"

"That light..that song....what was it all?.."

*I See Some Kind Of..Monsters in the distance..*

"Sweet Gems,what the heck are those"

*I Try to remember what happened,but i can't concentrate over the thought of those things getting me*

*I Decide to run*

The End?

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